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Melissa took our engagement shots this past Sunday and to say we're elated is an understatement. My fiance' and I knew our photographer would have a difficult task at hand. I'm 6'9" and Lindsay's 5'6" (heels may help a bit). Melissa from the get go knew exactly what needed to be done in order to ensure the shots worked to our strengths. Melissa has an impeccable eye for photography and her ability to make her subjects feel comfortable in front of the camera, allows her to truly shine. Melissa's direction is spot-on. Everything from stance, to hand placement, gestures, etc. she makes sure that every shot is a keeper at the same time maintaining the photojournalistic nature of the photos. Melissa also did a superb job scouting locations. She was able to find truly unique and one-of-a-kind spots that we would have never imagined could be found in Chicago. Oh! The best part; Melissa had some teaser shots up by that evening and by Tuesday we had all the shots uploaded and ready to show!!!We would also like to note that Melissa makes herself available at all times to her clients. Whether you're calling or emailing her, expect a prompt response. We couldn't be happier with Melissa as our photographer! We still can't believe the overwhelming positive responses we've gotten from our engagement shots (!!!! We were lucky to find such an amazing photographer!!!Lindsay and Matt Wessels

Melissa did my wife and my wedding last month in Chicago. Her pictures turned out more wonderful then we could have imagined. In my humble opinion, her photos look like they came out of a movie. The pictures tell a story and they have emotions. There are these great backdrops of scenery, texture, color, and shapes and in the middle you have us! We love our photos.Melissa is a very detail oriented photographer. She posed us in a lot of her photos. I liked that she did this. I talked with one of my groomsman and he said his photographer just took pictures and never told them to stand this way or put your hand over that way. He liked that Melissa set up her shots. I agree. I mean, don't get me wrong she also took photos without posing us either. Melissa is not afraid of getting on the ground and getting dirty either. She is truly dedicated to getting the right photo taken, the perfect shot.Melissa communicated very well with us before the wedding, during the wedding and after the wedding. We spoke to her prior to the wedding to lay out details for the wedding day. Where we were going, what we expected, when to meet, etc. Melissa showed up on time wedding day and was with us the entire day and night. After the wedding she posted her photos up as quickly as she could so that our friends, family and we could see the marvelous photos! For the very high quality photos and her professional eye, Melissa's wedding package is a bang for the buck! You just get so much. Most importantly, you get Melissa Diep! Her professional and courteous attitude, expert knowledge, and patience in handling our bridal party were very important to my complete customer satisfaction. I would highly recommend Melissa Diep Photography to anyone looking for a photographer and would use her knowledge and service again.Melissa, thank you so much for being our photographer! We love our photos and we love you! We are so grateful to have had a wonderful photographer.Chassie and Tahch Dejativong

Melissa shot my engagement pics and wedding and I wanted to write about what a wonderful job she did!! I was drawn to her photography style by her ability to "catch" people spontaneously smiling, etc. in that moment. Her pictures were all so unique and emotive. I am so happy w. how my pictures turned out. This is a person who LOVES her job and LIVES for photography. The first time i met her in her living room to discuss having her as my photographer, we were both in tears as she described to me the emotion she felt when shooting a particular wedding. I knew she was the one for me and my wedding at that point!I cant imagine anyone else to be so picky and put in the extra hours she'll put in to get just 1 picture right in the editing process. She will make you look like a model, your absolute most georgeous possible. Part of her secret is that she previously modeled so she can tell you how to create the look, something that i found so helpful after working with other photographers who could not do this. Not only does she create beautiful photos for you, so beautiful I have them hanging all over my house now but she was so much fun at my wedding. There was a "lull" in the wedding, where she re-energized the whole party by grabbing my hand and creating a congo line and then getting everyone on the dance floor. She is an amazing photogragher, beautiful person inside out, and will do nothing short of creating miracles for you with your photos that you will forever cherish!!!With Love,Katrina and David

I had the pleasure of having Melissa photograph Day 1 of my 2 day wedding celebration. The only reason we didn't have her photograph the second day is because we came across her after we were bound into a contract with a photographer for Day 2. *side note: REALLY regretting not breaking the contract to work with Melissa for both days.* Melissa is a ball of energy! And now, having seen her post-production results, I am made speechless by her versatility and the way her photography can tell a story. Her angle is so unique compared to others I have seen and worked with, yet she incorporates some of the classic photos into the spread. Nothing is cookie cutter about her, she is a no-nonsense, true to her word, absolute sweetheart. Melissa continued her dedication to perfection in her editing, and because I have another "reputable" photographer's work to compare with, it is quite obvious how much more time Melissa spends making sure every detail of the photos is beautiful.In all the excitement of the night, Melissa took it upon herself to bring me food and water to keep me going without my even hinting to her I may be hungry. She cares SO MUCH about her client and really goes above and beyond to deliver. Not to mention I was provided the digital negatives as well as her final edited copy of the digital negatives within one month of the reception without any delay.I absolutely loved working with Melissa and hope to have the opportunity again.Cheers,Mina and Haroon

Melissa shot our destination wedding in St.Thomas. I found her accidently on Face Book, and once I saw her website I fell in love with her creativity. I found her work to be very original and modern (far from traditional wedding photography). The first time I met Melissa was two days before our wedding, and it seemed as if we had always been friends. Melissa and her husband work amazingly together and she is so easy to work with, they made us feel very comfortable, she is very open and honest. I dont think there was a moment she did not catch. My husband and I are overly excited about our little sneak peek and cant wait to see the rest. I have gotten so much positive feedback already and the sneak peek just got posted today. Melissa is a sweetheart and her work is more than words its self. I highly reccomend her to anyone looking for a photographer. I look forward to doing another shoot with her doing She is so amazing, Im thinking of what else I can use her services for! She helped make my wedding day an unforgetable experience.

Melissa,Well, first, I would like to thank you from the bottom heart for the wonderful pictures of our engagement. Words can't properly describe how wonderful they are to us, but especially me. Melissa, in case you didn't know, I hate pictures!!!!!! I have never liked pictures, never liked taking pictures and to me, I always just try to avoid the camera. I am not very photogenic and the last picture of me that was taken that I actually liked was when I was a child. It is especially hard for me when I am with Yen, my true love, because she is so into pictures and she more so, she is so so beautiful. Even when she just wakes up in the morning, and without makeup, she is truly amazing . When I have taken pictures with her in the past, I have always felt like I ruined them or have taken away from her beauty. I can honestly say, that although I probably wont be seeing myself on the cover of GQ anytime soon, I am so happy to actually have pictures with Yen, that I actually love, and she does as well. Thank you again for this wonderful gift you gave us.John Herl

I've always admired Melissa's work when I came across her facebook through a mutual friend. I was amazed with the quality of her photos, they looked like they were right out of a magazine, and also the quality of her character. Something as simple as browsing her facebook lead me to the conclusion that she is extremely professional about her photography, but also has a great personality that shows through the pictures of herself and her husband.Many photographers had contacted me about shooting a sexier, lingerie style photo shoot but I immediately shot them down. As a new model I didn't think that I would be comfortable with this type of shoot and worried about being exposed. I was surprised and honored to see that Melissa had contacted me inquiring about a boudoir style shoot. Because I had always admired her work and felt that she had a great personality I decided to shoot with her. I knew her sense of style of photographer when I looked at her photos and knew that she would capture something sexy, but also very tasteful and classy.When I got to Melissa's place she was very personable and did everything she could to make me feel welcomed and comfortable. Throughout the shoot she gave me direction and was very creative with the poses and scenery. All of her hard work paid off when she let me flip through some of the photos. The results were everything I wanted and more and I can honestly say that she is one of the best photographers that I have worked with. She was very professional and is deeply committed to getting unique and breath taking shots. Her photography is very tasteful and innovative and I'm very glad I got to shoot a boudoir session with her. I would recommend her to everyone and I hope to work with her in the future again.Love, Steph

I never met Melissa till the day of our shoot. Since I never had any professional pictures taken of me, my mom and my daughter this was something that I've always wanted especially with my daughter getting older and my mom's medical condition. It took me a long time to pick the right person to do the job, I've seen a lot of peoples work and though their work is nice, they didn't project the emotions, character and artistic quality that I was looking for. It was a pleasure working with Melissa! I trust her judgement after seeing her previous work. This is someone that knows what she is doing. It was a wonderful experience, my mother, my daughter and myself enjoyed working with her very much. She gets the job and is a true professional! Thank you Melissa for providing such wonderful memories for me and my family. Jenny Corpuz

Melissa's photos are some of the only ones I've taken that I feel captured the "real" me. Her immediate familiarity and sincere nature make you feel as though the entire session is chance to catch up with a friend, rather than a series of poses and prodding.Amanda Armour

Melissa was so easy and fun to work with. I will definitely recommend her to anyone seeking a lifelong photographer. Her photos are a work of art!Tricia Ann Difuntorum Garcia

Melissa is fantastic! She worked with me at the end of my pregnancy and was able to bring out the beauty of it in just a few hours. I decided to call her back a few months after the birth of my son and again, she blew me away! I love to show my pictures off! She has a precious ability to capture special moments!!Melanie Dumar

Melissa is amazing! My husband is the very serious type, likes to take pictures in a suit and be very professional. Melissa worked her magic and was able to make him feel at ease and comfortable enough to take some amazing photos of us and the girls. She is a phenomenal photographer I love her work! Victoria Kozlowski

Melissa has that special eye to get just the right shot. Her editing was fantastic. As her blog says "These Eyes Capture" that is an understatement. Mark my words, you will be seeing her work in magazines soon.Jim Turner

Working with Melissa was an amazing experience. Not only does she create beautiful images with whatever you throw at her, but she comes up with fantastic poses as well! It was a pleasure working with her. I highly recommend working with her!Ottolino Photos

Dear Melissa,We just wanted to thank you so much for the shoot. The pictures are beautiful. I stare at them all the time. We have gotten so many compliments on your amazing work. Please enjoy our small gesture, however it no where near measures our gratitude.Thanks again,Joe and Jill

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